Your Favorite Icon

I was stumbling around the Internet and noticed that some websites had a logo that was specific to their business. You’ve seen the MS Explorer “e” with the gold ring around it and the MySpace three people silhouettes right?

Then I was listening to a teleseminar and hear a new world, “favicon”. I’m a curious kinda person, so I started to Google “favicon” and found that the logo on the tab and URL is a “favorite icon”, isn’t that a great name! So then a little more searching and found out how to create my own favicon. I was actually excited!

Then I waited and waited and waited! I called my webmaster, who has his favicon on his site, and he looked at it and he couldn’t find anything wrong with my work. So about three weeks later I was showing a friend my website and lo and behold, there it was. I might have squealed . . . but that’s to be expected! Finally, success!

It is an easy process and you can create your own favicon for your site! Use your picture or your book cover. Then let me know when yours shows up!