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4. Jing

Jing is a great piece of software that’s freely available to capture your onscreen activity. It’s designed to run on Windows and Mac platform.

Jing is a light weight program. As you open the application a small yellow icon sits on the top middle of the desktop screen. Hover your mouse over it three more circles come to view. One circle is to capture image or video, middle circle is to view the history and the third circle provides you with more options.

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2. BB FlashBack Express

Blueberry FlashBack Express is free screen capture software that helps you to create high quality screen video in real time. You can export you file to Flash or AVI format.

You have options either to capture the full window or a specific framed region in your screen. You can set to capture sound from an attached microphone, PC speaker or from other sources and you can even use a webcam to capture video. Once you are done with your screen recording, you can easily share your files by uploading it to youtube,, Viddler, and Revver. You can also embed the video in a webpage.