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November is I Love to Write month and specifically November 15th is the tenth anniversary of I Love to Write day! This is an event formulated byJohn Riddle who has for all intense and purposes, taken it upon himself to inspire more than 11,000 schools and writing groups to focus on writing.

The joy and discipline of writing consistently to be more precise! John has published more than 34 books and has worked as a ghostwriter on numerous projects.

Writing is a passion for those who have published articles, ebooks and conventional books. Whether you are an aspiring fiction or non fiction writing, the passion comes from the same desire to craft words in a fashion others will appreciate, read, share and remember long after they have read the material.

If you have ever thought about writing but have yet to pick up the pen or keyboard to commit your thoughts, this is the perfect time for you to begin your journey as a writer and author.

The winter months are setting in over most ofNorth Americaand holiday seasons are approaching. It is the perfect time for reflection. It is a time of thinking back on one’s life to acknowledge our trials and tribulations and our triumphs!

We all live through amazing events, it’s what shapes our lives and when we are able to write and share those events with others, it is a gift which helps those reading our words embrace what they believe to be isolated incidences in their lives.

Writing is a release mechanism, at times a means of healing for ourselves, entertainment for some and even a declaration of a challenge to others. It is an expression of cultivation of our personal viewpoints.

If you have ever read a book, you might have acknowledged the ability of the book to transport you from your environment. You can become entranced in a culture you might not otherwise experience; view through the descriptive languaging of the author the view, colors, feelings, aromas, textures and atmosphere from environments you might never imagine.Readingis a form of entertainment which inspires imagination and writing an inspiration born from within the creative mind.

Whether you write fiction or non fiction; self-help or how to material, your words can inspire others to accomplish more than they thought they might be able to do. Let your imagination and passions be your guide. Write about what you care about and you will find the satisfaction more fulfilling than you might envision.

The first time you become published is an amazingly rewarding accomplishment! It is one you will never forget the feelings it encompasses. The feelings will guide you to repeat the process over and over again.

Today, we are very fortunate in that everyone can become published whether it is on your own blog, as a guest blogger, through expert sites and even having your first book published. Everyone can become published and experience the pride of being a published author.

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