2 – Author Marketing

It is very difficult for the majority of authors to market their books. It is one of the primary reasons successful authors work with a mentor or hire out the tasks. There are 22 marketing concepts I have explained in detail and if you take the time to work through each of the lessons, you will discover at least three you will be comfortable with.

Some authors enjoy speaking in public and choose to create a platform built around their book while others prefer to have radio interviews to gain exposure through a broader audience.

Whatever you find you are most comfortable in with your marketing program, it will take you less than three or four of the tactics to produce a six figure income.

1-Bookstore Signing
2-Media Training
3-Radio Interviews
4-Book Your Guest
5-Educational Interview Series
6-Book Marketing Campaign
7-Push Letter
9-Article Submission
10-Joint Ventures
11-Affiliate Programs
12-List Building
13-Membership Sites
14-Continuity Program
15-Web Presence
17-Book Sponsorship
19-Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
21-Creating Programs
22-Audio Programs

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