Silver Program

From start to finish, we will work with you, if your book fits within our profile, we will give you the ability to make your book a best seller and more importantly, show you how to turn your book into a six-figure income earner, in as short a period as possible.

There are 20 modules to the training, plus one-on-one coaching included with the Platinum Program.

Silver Program: Self Pace Program $2,500

This program is great for the person who is is self motivated and can inspire themselves to consistently progress in their endeavors:

20 Pre Press Video Training Lessons on what needs to be done prior to publishing

This is a self-paced video/text program created to make it easy for you to get published in 6 to 8 weeks. It only takes one hour a day and you will be on your way.

  • Introduction
  • Assist in obtaining ISBN number ($55 incl bar code)
  • Setting up your Website/Blog
  • Website Design
  • Provide resources for book cover design
  • Virtual Assistants who can do a great job staring at $7/hr (10/hrs/week)
  • Inclusion Letters for Permissions
  • Capture Page
  • Setting up your Social Media
  • Preferred Formatting
  • Printer choices (even getting 1 book at a time)
  • On-line Bookstores
  • Library of Congress
  • Getting you book copyright protected
  • Public Relations
  • Press Release
  • Book Reviews
  • Setting up most Cost Effective Merchant Account
  • Article Submissions
  • Amazing List of Bonus Materials

Self Pace Program $2,500

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