Gold Program

Gold Program $4,000

In addition to the Self-Paced Silver Program, this program includes working one-on-one with me for 15 weeks. If you appreciate the value of having a mentor walk you through each step of the process, this is the program choice for you. Too often people miss their potential achievements because they have no one who has been through the experience to guide them through the maze of options.

We work together every week where we address every issue it takes to take you to a 6-figure income.

We will work on developing your platform as a speaker and author. We will develop the key techniques to create your persona and increase your visibility. When we direct your efforts towards the processes you are comfortable with in gaining visibility.

The challenge most authors have is there are too many choices and too many steps in pursuing a stable income. When we work together we will be able to put together the perfect match in programs to help you make sure you have what you want for our career as an author.

Gold Program $4,000

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