Joint Venture Relationships

I had my sixth book published in 2008 and at the time, I was barely familiar with LinkedIn and Facebook. But one day a man fromNewJerseyasked if I would add him as a friend on Facebook and after thinking “why would I want to take the time to be on a site with college kids?” I decided to do it anyway.

Much to my surprise,John’s friends included Deepak Chopra, Bill Maher, Bob Burg, Marlon Sanders and many of the “Who’s Who” list of authors and speakers. I was very impressed, to say the least. So I did what many Facebook newbies do, I addedJohn as a friend and requested his well known friends add me to their lists.

Write & Publish the (almost) Perfect Book

Many of us forget this important note. I mean, let’s face it: Writing is a very personal experience. Whatever you’re writing about, whether it’s your life or how to lead a better life, it’s all personal. We love our work and we want others to love it, too. Remember your book is your resume and this book is inviting readers into your world. Likely you would never invite a reader to your home, but if you did I doubt that you’d invite them into a messy house, right? Then why launch a “messy” book? Get it edited, vet the content, and get a cover that speaks to the reader. If you can step away from your own book in an objective way, you’ll be head and shoulders ahead of most writers who stay too close and too tied to their work. Passion is great, except when it prevents you from making good decisions.