Radio Interviews

You will want to start thinking about radio interviews the moment you decide to write your book. The reason is knowing when you are writing your book, you’ll want to make note of the particularly insightful words of wisdom.

I had the pleasure of meeting Diana Hall from Denver who is a media coach. I had such a wonderful getting to know her and wanted to introduce you to her program. I know that some of you prefer audio programs, so I even arranged an in-depth interview with Diana and she shared some great insider tips that will put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to working with producers.

Radio Interviews

There is one thing for sure when it comes to being an author in today’s market, there are all new rules.

We now have to look at every possible avenue that is out there to promote our books. It began about 6 years ago when the mainstream publishers began to change the rules. They made a declaration they would stop accepting manuscripts from unknown authors unless they could prove they had a very large data base to draw from.

But on the other hand, a major number of new marketing venues became available and for a lot less effort and money than had ever been conceivable.