Independent Publishing

I am a big fan of Independent Publishing and very excited that we have one of the very first Independent Publishers more than 20 years ago. He has seen more changes in the publishing business than anyone I’ve met.

Here’s your chance to ask him questions about how you can get published and how to avoid the pitfalls so many face.

I am excited to present to you Bill Dorich, Founder and President of GM Books. He has had many authors who have achieved landing the NY Times best sellers list.
Here’s the recording for Bill’s BillDorich
I am looking forward to helping you get your book out into the world!

Independent Publishing

I was asked how to get a publisher to publish a book.

It’s quite simple. Be a best seller or have thousands of people who are following you or in your database.

Otherwise, finding a publisher to talk with you is next to impossible. There are a few small publishers who will take on new authors, but there is no point in having a publisher, when all they do is print the book.

Most people think publishers still help them market their books, get their books into bookstores, get them on radio and TV programs and make sure they land on the New York Best Sellers list.