Website Submission

If you would like to get your website noticed, and who wouldn’t? That’s the name of the game here! Getting noticed! One of the things you want to do is submit your website to Yahoo, Google and Alexa. I don’t pay as much attention to the first to, but I track my results monthly on Alexa. They keep you informed as to the level of ratings of your site. If you get your site up to one million, you are in the top 1% of all websites in the world.

You can pay for submission services, but that will hurt your website as far as the search engines are concerned. There are many search engines to submit your site to, but if you concentrate on the top three, it will do for the interim.

Eventually you will want to consider hiring someone to submit your site to all the search engines. If you’re up to it, here’s the basic list:

• Alexa
• (formerly Ask Jeeves)
• Google
• Live Search (formerly MSN Search)
• Wikia Search
• Yahoo! Search