Write & Publish the (almost) Perfect Book

When it comes to publishing, there is a certain recipe for success. And while nothing is guaranteed, there are significant activities which must happen in order for your book to have a chance at success. I often speak of promotion, websites, and gathering a social media footprint. Today we’re taking a look at the equally important back-end issues. Now, I can’t guarantee if you follow this that you’ll come out leading the charge with the most perfect book, but you’ll certainly be close. Writers never intentionally write a bad book, or a book that’s not marketable. We do our best, and we often hope for the best. But in a world full of clutter, you have to do more than that. You have to step out to succeed, and you have to learn the ropes of your market and the publishing industry. Here are 11 points for you to consider:

To Be An Author

I’m at a speaker event in Los Angeles and have met about ten people so farm, who want to write a book. Can you imagine or have you ever been to an event where the room was filled with authors or people who want to write a book?
It is so inspiring to be around people who have dreams and aspirations. It makes me think about all the people who live their lives without direction or simply existing rather than living their life to the fullest.
When you have a choice to write your book and join the magical world of being an author, going out and inspiring others to live their dreams, why would you choose to do less?
It is a matter of choice. Even if your book doesn’t become a number one best seller on the New York Best Seller’s List, getting your book out into the world is a major accomplishment. I can’t imagine anyone writing a book just to get it on any best seller’s list, because the main goal of an author should be to become a spokesperson for their topic and generate an interest in others for their topic.