List Building

This is the magic behind all successful authors and speakers! It doesn’t matter if you have the best message since the bible, unless you can get your message out into the world, who knows who you are and what you are passionate about!

I have taken at least thirty list building teleseminars and webinars and there are many methods which are effective and practical. While some of the methods take more work than others, the ones that appear to be more labor intensive are the ones which have the best return in means of being financially rewarding.

Imagine using a paid list of potential followers. They are strangers to you and your message as well as being a less than perfect fit for your topic. You can spend hundreds of dollars buying lists and getting very little if any reward for your efforts.

You can use Social Media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Foursquare, etc. to drive traffic to your site and hopefully you’ll capture about one percent of the traffic you are able to push to your site. It is very labor intensive and frustrating to operate between each of the unique platforms.

Everywhere I go, everyone I meet, I hand out business cards. One the back of the business card I have an offer a free download just for stopping by my site. It works great and attributes about a thousand new people a year added to my database.

Article writing will provide you promising results. But, only if you write articles consistently. This means at least one article a week, submitted to sites such as ezinearticles and remember to keep your article on target to your topic. Establish yourself as the expert in your field by offering suggestions and short cuts you’ve learned along the way.

The most effective method of driving traffic however is joint ventures. These events can range from an interview, teleseminar, webinar and even podcasts. I prefer to conduct all four of the venues to reach a broader audience.

I find contacts through my Social Media friends and connections who are associated with my industry. I ask if they would like to participate in an interview and typically have 50% respond affirmatively. More often than not, the interview turns into an additional teleseminar and currently even more are willing to host webinars.

Because they are in the same industry I am, their database is filled with ideal prospects. Since they have been receiving information from the person I am interviewing, they know and trust their opinions. This is an ideal concept to be able to build your database with people who will stick with you because of their interest and how they were introduced to you.

It is essential you set up a sign up page to capture their names and email address and then forward them to a page where you can provide the details for how they can participate in your event.

You can embed tracking forms on the page to check a few days prior to the event to make sure your guest has sent the information to their database. There will be times when they forget or it seems too complicated and it’s up to up to make sure they send out the information. You can take the time to walk them through the process if necessary.

You will end up with a database of more than 5,000 in less than a year just by following these processes regularly.

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