Effective Methods of Social Media

I know it can be overwhelming at times. We have our business to run, our family to interact with and friends to connect with in reality and yet we know we need to virtually connect with as many people as we can around the world. In fact, without social media the way it is today, my business would be half of what it is.

Yet how can anyone keep up with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GooglePlus, Pinterest, Klout and the hundreds of other websites where we’re all told we “must” keep an active account? How much time should we spend on social media before it becomes a hindrance rather than a benefit? How often should we be actively posting, pinning, connecting and tweeting?

Joint Venture Relationships

I had my sixth book published in 2008 and at the time, I was barely familiar with LinkedIn and Facebook. But one day a man fromNewJerseyasked if I would add him as a friend on Facebook and after thinking “why would I want to take the time to be on a site with college kids?” I decided to do it anyway.

Much to my surprise,John’s friends included Deepak Chopra, Bill Maher, Bob Burg, Marlon Sanders and many of the “Who’s Who” list of authors and speakers. I was very impressed, to say the least. So I did what many Facebook newbies do, I addedJohn as a friend and requested his well known friends add me to their lists.