I have been working with authors since 1995. I have taught entrepreneur to write and get published in newspapers, magazines, trade journals and submit articles anywhere which might enhance their visibility.

I spent 20 years in the printing industry and was able to figure out how to publish my 10 books and retain 75% of the retail price as my profit. I love to show authors how to retain the control over their intellectual material.

I was asked to produce a radio program for authors:

  • Those have always wanted to be published
  • Those who have written their books but have not been published
  • Those who need a mentor to guide them through the maze of all the choices towards a six-figure income

The Secretes of Getting Published Now encompasses all of the details each and every author and would be author will need to discover.

The shows are live on Fridays at 12 noon PDT.

You may call in on your phone at 323 792-2972 or listen on the Internet at

If you would like to be a guest, please forward your request to:

I look forward to hearing you on the air!



“Very informative – it was nice to listen to the conversations I got more out of it than if I was just reading”
By Peter Deely – LinkedIn

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