Getting Published

You have yet to discover how easy it is to get published. There are approximately 100,000 new books published every year. It’s time you joined the authors who use their books to open doors you can’t even imagine are now closed to you.

In the past it was impossible to get published without an agent and a publisher. Thank goodness today is a completely different story. And the greatest issue with the new regime is the author is now entitled to 75% of the profits from their book sales rather than the paltry 35 – 50 cents they had received in the past.

Independently Published

There are author programs, and then there are programs which are designed to take advantage of authors who only want to get their books out into the world.

I was talking with a new friend tonight about the various programs that are available for authors. My challenge is most of the programs make money for those who create the programs while leaving the authors with the responsibility of performing all the work and leaving them with pennies on the dollar for their efforts.