Affiliate Programs

I know you’ve heard all about Affiliate Programs by now, but have you actually used them? And have you had others promote your programs?

I have met a few, very few in fact, successful Affiliate marketers. They have accounts on the big clearing house sites and promote other people’s products to their very large lists of followers. The stories of extreme success are impressive, but what they don’t tell you is there are thousands who have paid for software and expensive training programs who never make enough money to survive.

Affiliate Program

I was approached by a friend on Facebook that wanted to interview me and create an Affiliate program with others who have large databases. The book they were interested in, Create Your Own Reality – The Ancient Wisdom sells for $24.95, but the interview will sell for $79.

He’ll keep $12, the Affiliate will keep half of the sales price, $40 and that leaves me with $27 which is $3 more than I make from selling the book, but I don’t have the cost of printing or shipping the book, and they’re doing all the work! There are many websites that you can list your Affiliate offer. Clickbank Commission Junction Affiliate Directory 5 Star Affiliate Programs What Affiliates are looking for is a product that is unique and has a $59 or better price.