Platinum Program

Platinum Program $18,000

Join our cruise program for an adventure around the world working with me every day we’re at sea.

I will work with you every single day we’re at sea, creating the perfect paced programs to develop your ideas an an author, write your book and have it published while you are on the cruise.

We will also work on all of the processes it takes to create a platform that will generate a permanent lifestyle change for you as an author as well as a minimum six-figure income.

There are many methods of generating the lifestyle you choose and we will explore the various avenues such as platform speaking where you are the featured speaker; radio interviews you can do from home; joint ventures working with other experts in your industry; your membership site or even your own radio show.

There will be no distractions to hinder your progress and you will have the advantage of working right along other authors who are striving for their desired level of success. This is the ultimate Master Mind environment!

One of the bonus effects of this program is the idea of travelling around the world seeing ports of call such as Panama Canal, Lima, Easter Island, Tahiti, Auckland, Hiroshima, Hong Kong, HoChi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Dubai and Luxur to name a few.

 Platinum Program $18,000

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