Who Knows You?

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you!

Can you imagine being a new up and coming author with the most profound message which might change the world as we know it today? But you have yet to launch your concept and no one knows who you are. Or you are afraid to tell anyone what your earth shattering concept is because you think someone will claim it as their own. Or you have no idea what to do first, second or third.

Actually, you are not alone, you stand in amazing company!

Some of the most brilliant minds we know today struggled to craft and deliver their message in the way which would gain them the advantage of the exposure they needed to get where they wanted to be.

The next question is obviously, how can you enroll those who will be instrumental in getting you out in front of the world, get to know who you are?

I guarantee you won’t find them knocking on your door! I know you can’t meet them unless you are willing to change what you are currently doing or you would already have the connections established.

One of the easiest methods of meeting these success mentors is to attend events where they are going to be. Yes, it is that simple. If you want to be a successful author, go to where other successful authors are.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to attend a live event, there are online sites where you can develop these valuable relationships. One site in particular is www.SelfGrowth.com. You will find open minded successful authors from every genre.

Start out by connecting with them. Open up a dialogue about their work and talk with them live. Develop a mutually beneficial relationship and always inquire what you can do for them. Keep a database of those you have contacted, what your next step might be and what the results are of each conversation.

You might want to suggest conducting an interview of those who are aligned with your book. You will be pleasantly surprised at how receptive they will be. I typically have a 50% success ratio in approaching authors and succeeding in having them engage in an interview.

Once I’ve interviewed the author, I send them a copy of the interview for their website and then I call them to make sure they received it. That opens the door for another conversation and what else we might do together.

You might suggest a joint venture where each of you conducts a teleseminar to each other’s database in order to gain greater exposure. The results will include each of you will expand your databases, you’ll have a new product to either give away while you’re speaking or from your website and you’ll have developed a stronger relationship with each other.

When you put this method into practice every week, over a year’s time, you will be able to add 2,500 to 5,000 new people to your database, add 50 new products to your library and gain visibility which otherwise would not be possible.

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