Article Submission

I am often asked what is the most effective method of driving traffic to a blog is and how to get the traffic consistently. I have tried every possible formula I could think of for more than a year. I took more than one blog class every week for over a year and tried every single technique that was presented.

Some things worked other techniques didn’t even make a dent. What makes a technique effective or worthwhile? Try Googling your name and see how many results there are. Then install Alexa’s Toolbar and keep track of your ranking. When your Google results become more than 100,000 or 1,000,000 and your Alexa ranking becomes less than 1 million, then what you’re doing is effective.

10 Tips for Writing Articles

10 Tips for Writing Articles

Writing articles is one of the best methods of gaining visibility and driving traffic back to your website. You will want to plan out your articles in such a manner you may accumulate ten to twelve articles and have your book already written.

1. Be informative in your writing. Use facts and descriptions of how to accomplish what it is you are talking about. Informative articles with examples are usually the most widely read.

2. Be careful to keep your paragraphs short. Use no more than three to four sentences per paragraph.