Rank First on Google

How to Rank First on Google

By eHow Contributor


1 ***Choose Your Keyword Phrase to Rank First in Google*** First, you need to choose a phrase that you want to target. For this article we will use the phrase “frying soybeans” just for fun. So for your purpose, we will imagine that you want to rank first on Google when users type in “frying soybeans”. 2 ***Put the Keyword Phrase in Your URL*** Second, you will choose a URL with the keyword phrase in it. The easiest way is to have a domain name with the keyword phrase. For example, if you have fryingsoybeans.com, you will likely appear first or at least second. But if your domain is something else, you still need to put the keyword phrase in the URL. For example xyz.com/fryingsoybeans.html. Putting your keyword phrase in the URL is very helpful.

Personal Google Results

You might not realize the benefits of having great results on Google, but it has come to my benefit multiple times. One year ago if you Google my name without quotes the results was 90,000, which is not bad, but this month it is the highest it has ever been. It’s at 1.8 million.

All of the techniques that I have been talking about are why I have gained such a dramatic increase in the results.

Every week I spend about one hour requesting new friends on Facebook, one of my latest is Michael Beckwith, (from The Secret). I try to answer messages on my wall within a couple of days, but if not, I catch up on the weekend.