10 Tips for Writing Engaging Articles

Writing articles is one of the best methods of gaining visibility and driving traffic back to your website. You will want to plan out your articles in such a manner you may accumulate ten to twelve articles and have your book already written.

1. Be informative in your writing. Use facts and descriptions of how to accomplish what it is you are talking about. Informative articles with examples are usually the most widely read.

2. Be careful to keep your paragraphs short. Use no more than three to four sentences per paragraph.

3. Change up the punctuation to emphasis different levels of enthusiasm. It makes for more interesting reading when you mix it up a bit.

4. The best beginning to an article is to ask a question. Your readers will want to read on to find out what the answer is.

5. Plan out your article so you know the beginning, middle and end. The title should be catchy to grab their attention and then make sure the first paragraph provides worthwhile information.

6. You can break up your copy by using bullet points to quickly make your points. They will show your readers where the important items are.

7. Stay on point. Do not deviate from your point of view. It is easy to get distracted while you are writing but you want to make sure to have clarity!

8. Your article should have a target audience and a singular direction. Keep it simple and don’t attempt to cover too many concepts all in one article.

9. Your ending should be strong and offer resolution to the challenge you have been writing about. Once you have concluded your article, reiterate one more time, what the challenge is and what you are offering as a solution.

10. And finally, be sure to leave your contact information, website and offer a free article or ebook to encourage your readers to go to your website.

Take the time to read through your article, and then read it out loud to hear how it sounds. I often put my articles aside for a few days and when I look at them later, I have a fresh perspective which will make it a better article.

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