Marketing Choices

Authors have so many more choices than they ever had to be able to market their books.

I have created a list of more than 22 individual programs authors can use to get their books out into the world. In fact, with less than 20 hours a week and using less than 4 of the concepts, it is very possible to sell more than 5,000 books a year. That is amazingly considered a best seller, both in fiction and non fiction.

The top four concepts are:

  • Joint Ventures
    • Expert Exchanges
    • Interviews
  • Radio Interviews


An author has to become a speaker. Just as much as a speaker should become an author. Marketing your book or marketing yourself as a speaker is much easier than most people think, especially with a plan.

There are at least 22 individual marketing techniques your can apply to your business and there are combinations of specific marketing techniques that will gain both authors and speakers more visibility and followers than most of the traditional marketing strategies such as newspaper or magazine ads.