From start to finish, we will work with you, if it fits within our profile, and give you the ability to make your book a best seller or more importantly, turn you into a six-figure income earner,  in as short a period as possible.

There are five main modules to the training, plus one-on-one coaching included with the Platinum Program.

Silver Program $2,500

This program is great for the person is is self motivated and can inspire themselves to consistently progress in their endeavors:

  • 20 Selv-Paced Video Training Lessons to Write Your Book in 6 Weeks or Less in just 2 Hours a day

Gold Program $4,000

This program includes working one-on-one with me for 15-20 weeks

Platinum Program $18,000

Join our program for an adventure cruise around the world working with me every day we’re at sea and have your book complete, your website designed and you’ll be ready to publish in just 10 days!


Please contact me so we can see if these programs will be a good fit for what you have in mind for your career as an author.

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