Book Distribution

There are two different concepts in setting up book distribution programs. When you want to have your books in all the book stores you can hire one of many of the firms who will put your books in, not only the major chains, but the smaller bookstores as well.

The services will find bookstores that include the more targeted type of store who specialize in your topic area. More often than not you’ll sell more books in specialty stores than major chain stores.

Book Distribution

For the Independently Published Author, Book Distribution can be a major issue. But, I have found several resources that will help you keep the books flying out the door, without breaking your bank!

One of the areas you want to look at is how many books you might be selling. Some of the distributors give you better rates the higher volume you process. Others base the distribution rates on the length of the contract.

You’ll want to be sure they base their service price on a consistent amount so you can keep track of your expenses. I found several that are very reasonable, just email me for the list and it’s yours.