Web Presence

Google your name to see your results. Most people when starting out will average between 100-1500. This means the Internet can find your name or others with your exact name that specific number of times.

The more articles you submit to ezines, websites, guest blogs, social media site back links and all other Internet high ranked websites, the better results you will have.

In January 2005 I had 30,000 results without knowing how to make an impact. I  had about 20 websites by then and was on Linked In, Spoke, Ryze and a few other smaller sites.

Top 10 Reasons to Blog-2

Be an industry leader: It’s hard to be a leader in the industry if you don’t have a voice. A blog can give you a voice. Also, by blogging on your market, you can stay in touch with your market and hot topics much easier. Stay dialed in, stay current: a blog can help you do that.

Media, speaking: I’ve gotten media interviews and speaking gigs from my blog. If you blog enough and on interesting, relevant issues, you can gain some serious momentum for not only your website, but your career as well.