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4. Jing

Jing is a great piece of software that’s freely available to capture your onscreen activity. It’s designed to run on Windows and Mac platform.

Jing is a light weight program. As you open the application a small yellow icon sits on the top middle of the desktop screen. Hover your mouse over it three more circles come to view. One circle is to capture image or video, middle circle is to view the history and the third circle provides you with more options.

You can start capturing your screens anytime just with a mouse click. It will get you the best quality video files in an appealing size. You can share your files with or Flickr. You can also directly share it through Twitter, email or IM. Try out Jing project free screen capture software by following the link.

5. ScreenToaster

ScreenToaster is unique web based screen recorder that makes it possible to make videos and screen casts for free. There is nothing to download with this software.

Start by logging into your account. Hit the Red button and wait for the java applet to load. Of course this takes quite a long time. Once this step is done, you are ready to record. When you are finished recording you can edit it by adding subtitles to it.

You can share your video with youtube or upload it to ScreenToaster. You can also download the video to your computer. Though it does lack editing or trimming features, it’s worth giving it a try when you don’t have any other option to download or install a file. Find ScreenToaster free computer screen recorder by following the link.

Other web based online screen recorders that you can try are: ScreenJelly, and ScreenCastle.