Affiliate Programs

I know you’ve heard all about Affiliate Programs by now, but have you actually used them? And have you had others promote your programs?

I have met a few, very few in fact, successful Affiliate marketers. They have accounts on the big clearing house sites and promote other people’s products to their very large lists of followers. The stories of extreme success are impressive, but what they don’t tell you is there are thousands who have paid for software and expensive training programs who never make enough money to survive.

What I’ve never understood is the logic behind listing your product on the clearing house sites, who take 50% of the sales price and have others promote your product to their list and they get 50 or even 60% of the sales price, leaving you with a deficit.

I’ve been told it’s designed to have you increase your database which you are supposed to be able to sell to later. In theory, that might be effective. As an example, you place a product on the clearing house site, you convince someone with a large list to promote your product because it’s the newest, latest and greatest product. They are able to have a 20% conversion in their list purchasing your product, so now you’re on the board with a great conversion rate. But still, you have not made any money and are more likely to be in the red.

But, now you have the 20% of their database in your database and can sell future products to them. That is how the current model works and it has been an amazing revenue generator for the clearing house sites (one boosting $2.3 billion in sales) and for the Affiliate Marketers who got in the game early and have a large (10,000+) database.

So, where does that leave you? More than likely, you are not in a very comfortable position. But let’s say there’s another method of engaging in the game of Affiliate Marketing.

Imagine being able to reach out to your contacts through Social Media and present a cross promotion. You will present their information on a teleseminar to your database and they will present your information on a teleseminar to their database.

First, you bypass the clearing house who would capture 50% of the revenue and you end up building a strong relationship with others in your industry. And second, you are able to capture income from both teleseminars or webinars and build a much stronger rapport with the database because of the personal touch of the presentation.

Not to mention, you will be opening the door for future projects such as live speaking engagements and guest appearances on radio programs due to getting your name and your material out to a broad audience who has made a connection with you.

There are no rules in Affiliate programs, but this will provide you a stronger potential of consistent income while building your database and your relationships with others who are in your field.