New Author Dilemma

I have another new author starting this week. He write SciFi and is amazingly talented. He has eight books written, but as of yet, has not learned the business of being an author.

I have talked with a lot of authors over the years and it surprises me how many truly believe that their only job is to write the book and somehow magically, the publisher will make them rich and famous!

Mark is not in that category. He jumps right in and searches for better plugins, widgets and even alternative article submission services. He is waiting for his book cover to be redesigned, so he’s spending a great deal of time teaching himself all the tricks and discovering all the resources that are available.

In truth, it is a full time job if you wanted to try and keep up with all the newest, latest, greatest widgets and plugins. Someone is always coming up with something new.

But the fact is, I am enjoying working with Mark because he has no limits, no boundaries. He just keeps digging in until he finds what he’s looking for and then he goes to the extreme in learning how to make it apply to his site!

Go check it out, it’s a fascinating world of Science Fiction with characters that virtually come to life!