I have probably done more than 200 live interview while on KEST the San Francisco Alternative Radio Station over the two years I had “Choices for a Healthier Lifestyle.” Then once my sixth book was released I started doing at least one interview a week, sometimes as many as four.

It occurred to me there were no guidelines. No one suggested using a land line or having a glass of room temperature water. So I started making a list and created a guideline anyone can follow. It will help you make sure you are covering all the details.

Interview Details
Here are the details for our teleseminar:

Date: January 4th
Time: 10:00 am PST 11 am MT 1 pm EST

Call in: 1 (309) 946-5100 *199571
(You must include the leading star key)

Please Send the Sign up form to your database one week prior to interview

Here’s some helpful guidelines:
1. Send 15-18 questions to me 3-5 days prior to interview
2. Post your interview on Skype and Facebook
3. Sign up for Skype- make sure host has your Skype address
4. Keep answers to 30 seconds to 2 min max
Answer one question at a time, avoid giving multiple answers to one question
(some times it’s hard to stay on the question when you want to cover all the bases)
5. Be sure to use a land line – not VOIP as weather patterns interupt the quality of calls
6. Be sure to watch your Skype during your interview
7. Turn off all other phones
8. Turn off call waiting (*70 on AT&T)
9. Have a room temperature glass of water (with lemon is best)