Membership Sites

One of the greatest ways to stabilize your income is to create a Membership site. I know that this is getting a little too technical for most of you, but it’s easy enough to go to or and hire someone to set it up for you.

The idea of the membership site is to set up interviews with those who have accomplished noteworthy events or projects. You can specialize in interviewing authors who are in the same genre as you. The author sends an email to their database to let them know that they’ll be interviewed and anyone listening to the interview can listen at no charge.

You’ll have the author sign a release that allows you to use the interview for financial gain. When their database members sign up, they’re going to sign up to listen to the interview through your capture page so you can increase your database with each interview.

When you have a thousand people in your database, you will start to release a new interview (product) each month and your database members will pay to listen. Only leave the interview on the site for the week or month, depending on how you set up your structure (one interview a month or week). The ratio is normally 10% of the database will pay to participate. When you have 10,000 in your database and 10% or 1,000 pay $10 a month, you will have $10,000 a month income.