Building Relationships with Affiliate

The next time you receive an email from one of the top Internet Marketers, stop and pay attention to what they are selling. If you get the same offer from several of the Internet Marketers, you’ll know that it’s part of an Affiliate program.

If you’re not familiar with the big names, you can go to my Facebook page and look through my Top Friends. When they add you as a friend, you see who their friends are and all of them build a very tight knit group.

Finding Affiliates that you can point to your products is fairly easy through Facebook and most of the other Social media sites. One of the programs you might want to participate in is the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas in January. You’d get to meet great Affiliates and create better relationships by meeting them in person.

Imagine being able to have Internet marketing guru’s with 20,000 to 1 million in their database promote your products! That’s how David Raklin from got his start!