Flip Video

I saw a speaker use a Flip Video about two years ago while I was at an event in San Jose. I was impressed by the quality, but more so by the fact he could upload it to his Facebook and YouTube accounts within five minutes. I was sold!

So before the weekend was out, it was necessary for me to visit the local electronics store and pick up my very own Flip Video Camera. I had a lot of trouble running through batteries, but fortunately hang out with a lot of geeks and one of them told me to switch to rechargeable batteries. It did the trick. I started taking videos of everyone and everything.

I opened an account on YouTube and put all the videos in the one location. The ideal is to have a separate account for each are of interest. I should have a channel for speaking, face reading, Bay Area, Laser, clients, testimonials, etc.

But currently I have two accounts and will open the third shortly. The candid videos are great to add to your blog and will help you get the highest rankings more rapidly than nearly anything else you can do.