Finding the Right Topics

I met with one of my authors last week and she has been struggling to work on her book. She has been trying to write a children’s book. She teaches a group of at risk kids and relates to the challenges they face every day.

The problem is she hasn’t been able to relate to what she has been trying to write. The challenge of trying to force a topic is what many face. When some write to fit their industry, it is much easier than trying to write a book to become an author.

We talked for about an hour when I asked her what she intended to do with the book. Was she going to do public speaking? Create workshops for kids? Do radio interviews?

She really didn’t know what she wanted to do.

I suggested she start look at a new outline consisting of ideas based on working with kids at risk. I thought it would be a great idea for her to write down the stories she has from her experiences from working with the kids.

She lit up and began to make a list of the kids and what the first few chapters might be. Her demeanor changed drastically from when she first came into the restaurant. She became animated, light and was even laughing.

It is important to write from your heart. Know your own heart and write from your heart in the same way in which you talk.