Calling on Creativity

When I talk with authors most are writing a book about their life experiences. They have a passion to share their life and inspire others by the wisdom they’ve gained.

But when writing about their lives, it is hard to be objective. Sometimes our point of view is colored by the emotions evoked from each situation we experience. It can be difficult to keep an objective point of view.

It’s like the game we used to play when we were children where we would whisper a secret in each other’s ears and by the time the story had gone all around the circle the original story was nothing at all like the original story.

When I tell my stories about how I grew up, it’s hardly the same story as what my brother and sister would remember. I used to wonder if it was because of the order we were born, but I don’t believe it was. I also wondered if it was that we were treated different than each other. But I don’t think that is it either.

I asked a friend of mine how it was possible the same people growing up in the same house with the same parents should turn out so drastically different, he thought it was their DNA. That could be a part of it.

Then one day I realized it was partially based on the lessons each of us came here to learn.

Being creative comes from many different sources, find your creative source and you’ll never be at a loss for something to write.