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An Author in Everyone

I was standing in line at a grocer store and a woman behind me said she liked my dress and then told me how nice it was to see someone dressed coordinated. She asked why I was so dressed up and I told her I had just came from a speaking engagement.

Then she asked what I did for a living and I told her how I teach others to write, speak and the other entrepreneur skills.

She said “I’ve always wanted to write a book!”

I told her she could have the book done in six weeks and be creating a substantial income wihtin six months.

Authors Who Speak

Most authors know they have to do book signings and meet their audience. Often they are required to read from their book and give an interpretation of their writings.

Authors will sell more books when they read and engage their audience, but they will sell more books by having a speaking engagement that is more of an event. No matter what the book is about, there is a way to turn the topic into a seminar.

What I like to do is help authors create a program they can take into the community and create a steady stream of income to support them.