An Author in Everyone

I was standing in line at a grocer store and a woman behind me said she liked my dress and then told me how nice it was to see someone dressed coordinated. She asked why I was so dressed up and I told her I had just came from a speaking engagement.

Then she asked what I did for a living and I told her how I teach others to write, speak and the other entrepreneur skills.

She said “I’ve always wanted to write a book!”

I told her she could have the book done in six weeks and be creating a substantial income wihtin six months.

She told me she had just lost her teaching job in Oakland.

The I told her about my non profit school and maybe we should talk about whether the school might be an option for her.

Then she asked why I had talked to her and I just smiled and told her that my life is full of miracles every day. I just keep my eyes open and wait for the miracle to present itself. She just happened to be my miracle for the day!

We exchanged cards and I asked her to call me so we could explore the possibilities.

Guess what? She did!