One of the greatest venues for an author to use to sell more books is to get publicity. Of course good publicity is the best and by all means what authors should be looking for.
One way of getting positive publicity is to schedule a book signing at a local bookstore. Then notify the local papers, radio programs and television stations. Since it’s a local event, they will more than likely cover it. Always capture the newspaper or print and convert the image to a .jpg to add to your blog or website.

Ultimate Life Company

This is a great example of how I take a website image, capture the page and paste it into a blank Word.doc. Then I copy the image (Control C) and paste (Control V) into iPlus Photo or another photography software.
That software allows the image to be saved as a .jpg, which is my preference. It makes it easy to add it as an image into the blog.
I often use the same .jpg in several blogs. This one in particular is being use to talk about how to use a .jpg in a blog. Then I will use the same image in my speaking blog.