Pre Launch

One of the resources I recommend for printing is Mira Digital. They will get the book to you in 7 to 10 days.

Once the book has been ordered, it’s time to schedule your first book signing. The purpose of the book signing is primarily to get media coverage so you have it to post on your website or blog.

From the very beginning of writing your book you should have a blog. It is meant to gain a following so when your book is launched, you’ll already have a database to send out to. With a database of interested fans, it is much easier to pre-sale and convert them to clients.

This is also the time to set up interviews with other authors. You are going to do this to help build your database and to build your collateral material. The material will later be used for a membership site.

It’s a great idea to read five minute segments while filming with a flip or digital camera. Post these on YouTube once a week to start to get some marketing traction.

Other Social Media you’ll want to engage with is LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and SelfGrowth. It is important to have backlinks from high ranking websites.