Looking for the Right Stuff

After writing ten books, well okay, nine books and a children’s book which was the most fun to write! Anyway, I made a conscious decision to find a way to make my book stand out in the more than 100,000 books published each year.

I’ve taken more classes in the past five years than I had in the previous 20 years. Yet, the effort finally paid off. The light bulb came on and I understood that there is no one magic bullet, but a series of tactics that has to be applied.

And that is what Creative Impressions Press is designed to do!

There are more than 34 techniques with mp3 files to help you understand the various concepts. I will be loading more mp3 files that are interviews from various mega successful authors, so be sure to check in all week and download the files to your iPod!

One of my favorite interviews is with Deepak Chopra. Everyone assumes his rise to success was overnight. Wait until you hear the interview!

If you’d like to listen to Steve Harrison’s teleseminar class, just send me an email.