I love interviewing authors. I have authors prepare their own questions and help guide them to an answer which will guide the listeners to go to their website and buy their book.

There are many ways of answering the same question. “What do you want your readers to take away from reading your book?” could have several answers, but knowing the listening audience will help guide you to the right answer.

If the audience is part of the Law of Attraction group, an answer would be “We all know what we focus on is what we attract, I have found several methods to help my readers learn to focus on their ideal outcomes and avoid focusing on things like the bills they owe, difficult jobs or relationships or whatever else keeps them from realizing their ideal life.” would then plant the seed the audience needs to follow through and look at buy your book.

Remember when interviewing authors, talk with them as though you’re good friends. It makes it easier for the audience to become engaged with you. The more engaged they are the more likely they’ll follow your blog, website and future writing.

I use FreeConference to record the interviews and SonyStudio’s to edit the recording. I have permission from Patrick O’Hearn to use his music for an intro and exit music which makes it more professional.

Then I post the interview with a picture of the author I interviewed and a link back to their website.

Later, I’ll use the material for the membership site. It’s so amazing how easy it is to create collateral material.

Just remember to have fun with the interview!