Inspiring Authors

I have a new author who is so enthusiastic and I love how she shows up for everything I suggest.

I have at least one person every week I encourage to become an author. When someone is competing for business the one person who has a book is typically the one who ends up with the business. It’s like everyone assumes when you have a book, you have to be exceptionally good at what you do.

If not passionate about what you are doing, at least authors are more focused than most people in business.

I love inspiring others to find a level of passion  about their work which will expand the potential of their business.

I have more than 30 authors I’m working with currently and they are all in different phases of the publishing. Several are in the marketing phase which is the most exciting phase of being an author. Authors are capable of controlling the amount of books they sell and how they sell them. I encourage authors everywhere to become Independently published. There isn’t much difference between Independent and Self Published, but the main issue is being able to keep the majority of the sales price of the book and not give it up to a publisher.

Please download the latest interview I had on Friday with Carl Johnson who has been in the publishing world for more than 20 years.