Not many speakers think of Franchises as a resource for speaking, but if you have a book and a presentation which will help the efficiency of franchise owners, you will be able to find an unlimited number of franchises where you will be able to present breakout sessions or even a keynote address.

I sold franchises during the late 80’s and was impressed by the caliber of speakers they brought into the meetings. They were almost always motivational speakers, but occasionally and educational speaker in sales, speaking, management or other topics which would increase the profitability of the agency.

Then several years later after I had been speaking for about five years I approached the same franchise president and asked if I could speak at one of their quarterly meetings. I was pleasantly surprised when he said yes. The franchisor paid me $2,500 for a one hour presentation at their quarterly meeting. I talked about personality recognition techniques to increase their sales volumes and the group of 75 franchise owners responded very favorably to the presentation.

This is the type of presentation almost every franchise owner would appreciate. They are always looking for methods of becoming more efficient, increasing sales volumes, managing employees better and having better time management skills.