Foreign Exposure

About four years ago I had a friend request from Simon who lives in Australia. We chatted periodically and then he found me on Skype and we moved our occasional chats to there.

Then we lost touch with each other until the earthquake in Australia and I checked in with him to make sure he was doing okay. So we started up again, just simple hellos and filling each other in on what was going on.

Then earlier this week he Skyped me to tell me me was getting his third book wrapped up and he had gone to Steve Harrison’s author program in New York. He said he had a goal of picking up 30 interviews with his book but actually got more than twice as many as he had planned for.

But what became evident for him quickly was how few resources there are for new authors. Funny thing was he had decided to create a publishing company for authors in Australia to help them. But the more we talked, the more he realized what I have created here is exactly what he is looking for.

The difference is he wants to launch a series of events for authors where they can learn how to become published and market their books effectively. Effectively means making a six-figure income comfortably.

I love that social media has made it so much easier for us to connect and make a difference in the world.