ebooks vs print

I have a contact I met through a Facebook friend. She has a coaching practice in Florida. We’ve had a great dialogue going on for about a month.

She asked me what I thought about ebooks and I have to admit, I’m really torn between my attitude to support anyone with anything they choose to do and how much I’ve heard about the diminishing of authors who produce ebooks.

On the positive side ebooks are environmentally green. They can be downloaded directly after purchase which can save at least a week in shipping time and of course save on postage.

The downside is more than half of the people who buy ebooks never read them. So if you’re writing a book to make an impression or to make money you might not like those statistics.

A 200 page soft cover books can now be printed for around $4 and a hard cover for less than $10. The average Soft cover sells for $20 and hard cover for $27. So the profit margin is much greater than you can make on an ebook.

There are always exceptions but it still portrays more status to have a book in your hand rather than an ebook online.