Dominate Amazon

We all know that the key to selling your paperback, hardback or kindle book is to be the king of Amazon. This short article will give some of the tools to rank on page one of the Amazon search results, which means more exposure, more sales and higher profits.


Amazon is great because they want to help authors like you to promote your book and most of their sale tools are free.

On the basic level Amazons algorithm is simple, the more you sell your book the higher you will rank. In this way the rich get richer, but there are a couple of simple tricks that I will now share with you, to start you off, to get you ranking high and to get you to sell your book.

Voting on Your Reviews

As you start promoting your book your customers will review your book which allows new customers to check if your book is worth the money. If you have no reviews, maybe due to a lack of sales you can first give your book away for free, yes for free! Social proof is a powerful influencer, if people write that your book is brilliant new customers will buy it, because in essence most people are sheep, which is why the initial free book giveaway is worth the small cost.

As you and your customers vote on your book reviews, Amazon pick this up and add your best voted book at the top of your product page, which allows search engines such as Google to add them in their feed, increasing your books marketing power.
And in a few seconds I will share how we can all get loads of votes really quickly.


You may not know what a Tag is, but Tags are a very powerful and underused way to promote your book. Amazon allows your customers to associate your product with Tags. As an example, my book The 73 Rules for Influencing the Interview using Psychology, NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques has lots of tags relating to “interviews.” On the Tag “How to face Interviews” I rank number one

Customers can agree with current tags or add new tags. Its recommend to add the authors name and your business website as a ”tag” but your customers will add whatever Tags they believe is relevant to your book. Customers have tagged my book with Tags from ‘interviews’ to ‘success’

I rank between 1-3 on many of my Tags, with some Tags only numbering between 10-20 which what I meant before by people under using this sales technique.

Let’s Get You More Sales, Now!!!

I can hear you all shouting how this article will benefit you? How can you get more votes, reviews and tags?

Well very simple, let’s all work together. If you add a Tag or Like to my Book The 73 Rules for Influencing the Interview, I will reciprocate and add likes and tags to your product increasing your rankings.

If you leave a link and e-mail address in the comments below, then other authors can join in adding links and tags to your product and vica versa. Imagine just 10-20 people add a tag as an example “life Coach” to your life coach book, you find your book out ranking other coaching books in the keyword on the community of that particular Tag.

Get Book Reviews Today.

Let’s go one step further; we can for free share our books with most authors having e-book versions on their book. We can all agree to only add positive reviews for each other’s books and if you’re feeling generous you can vote on current reviews.

So, Let’s get started click this link: like my book, add a review, vote on other reviews and finally click the tags NLP, Interviews and Interview Techniques. Leave a comment below with your book link.


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