Continuing Education

I have always been a firm believer in continuing education. I started listening to audio cassettes in my car in the early 90’s. I learned more in my car than I ever learned in school. I loved it when I finally go a car with a CD player because the CD’s took up so much less room and were easier to manage. Every time I heard of a national speaker was coming to the Bay Area, I would make sure I was there.

I liked to observe how they used their hands and the body language they used and how they engaged the audience. And, I would always buy their CD’s. When I moved a couple of years ago I had a book party. I invited about 30 of my friends over and told them they could take as many of my 300 books and 100 CD’s as they wanted. People walked out with arm loads of books and audio programs.

It seems as though all my friends enjoy learning as much as I always have. I go out into the US and attend no less than four 3 to 7 day training events every year and invariably come home with a suitcase full of new material. After 20 years of this practice, it is rare to learn something new, but it is a marvelous way to keep aware of practices that work for me to stay focused and keep my brain sharp.

I know I will never stop learning, I enjoy the process and appreciate other’s insights, even when they are nearly exactly as someone else’s. Recently I was introduced to a website where you can download audio programs and some are at free. Stop by and see if there are programs that will inspire you to keep up your education.

Audio Programs