CD Creation

It is so much easier to create new material than most people think. I have created a new CD at least once a year. I pay close attention to the conversations I hear when I’m speaking and trying to ask people what their main challenges are. That is the information I use to compile the data for the new CD programs.

I will do the research, mostly through Google, but after doing this for 20 years, I can create a program with very little research. I often listen to a teleseminar and think how little information is included and the host spends the majority of their time selling a program they have. It’s understandable to a point, but when you take the time out to listen to a program, there should be more than enough content.

The first thing you can do after you pick a topic is to create at least 18 talking points. When you organize your talking points, you will be able to record your presentation, edit it and have an hour long CD afterwards.

You can go to and have an artist create a CD label for you and get the CD labels on ebay for $20 for 100. The best way to get the CD’s to burn if you prefer to do them yourself is when you find them on sale for $15 for 100 at the office supply stores or CostCo.

I also found a great service, that will burn the CD’s for $1 with a 20 minimum order.

I typically put my CD’s in a case and make the covers on my color printer with the photo paper. My typical CD sells for $20 and the total costs is less than $2.