Cafe Press

Cafe Press is a great resource for authors who want to create products to give away to your audience or even your team when they appear with you at speaking engagements.

It is great to brand yourself and having pens, mouse pads,  T-Shirts, baseball caps, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, even Flip Flops.

Your image can be recreated in all sorts of products. You will be able to leave your brand with your audience and give them something to take home with them that will help them remember who your are.

When I released my Create Your Own Reality book I looked long and hard to find a product that would represent the book. I finally decided on a boomerang and had the company put my book title and website imprinted on the boomerang. Then when I’m speaking about the book title I ask various questions such as “Who believes they can change how their life is today?” and when someone raises their hand I through them a boomerang. It’s a great way of getting your audience’s attention.

For my book Just Over Broke I found a pen that has a large colored rubber ball at the end which lights up when it’s struck. I’ll ask the audience “What would you do if you could start your own business and know you couldn’t fail?” The first one that answers gets a pen after I’ve struck it and then I say “You’re one idea away from starting your ideal business and learn to control your income.” It’s always a big hit!