Book Signings

One of the best ways to gain a new audience is through book signings at bookstores. However, Barnes and Nobles always welcomes authors who are will to do a big more than just sign their books. When you talk to the Community Relations Manager mention that you will be happy to read sections of your book, that will provide a much larger draw to their store.

Be sure to ask the CRM how many people typically sign up for authors of your caliber. You’ll want them to include a blurb about you in their newsletter and to post a large sign in their store window now less than 30 days prior to your signing.

Another suggestions is to make sure you have more than a month prior to your book signing and engage a local radio or television program for an interview. Since you will be part of the local activities both media look forward to community activities.

One thing you’ll want to remember, when you leave books at the store, be sure to sign each copy. Most authors don’t know that the stores are not allowed to return the books to the author if they are signed personally.