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Trade Shows

I always loved doing trade shows just because of all the people I get to meet. But once I started speaking at trade shows, it was a whole new game. When you are the one in the lime light, you are the one who gets all of the attention. And the attention comes in the framework of new clients.

So a part of this author program is to encourage my authors to become speakers at trade show events, have a display table and use the other vendors as a resource to sell their books in bulk. It is one of the greatest resources there is for an author generating mass amounts of income.

Trade Shows

I stumbled into speaking at trade shows when I was asked to participate in a trade show for a franchisors. Various Franchises had exhibit tables and those who were thinking of buying a franchise were the attendees.

I was asked to do a breakout session for sales skills. It was right after I had developed my Street Smart Sales Training program. I prepared a 60 minute presentation and the handouts to go with it. Fortunately I was scheduled for the second day. That gave me the whole first day and the morning of the second day to talk with the attendees and gain more of an audience. My goal was to get enough people to attend so that I would be able to get enough leads to gain at least one client for private training. The fee for the breakout session was $5,000.